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Furlong Nursery

Luxury Dog Boarding

and Grooming

At Furlong Nursery Luxury Dog Boarding Kennels we are committed to providing the very best care for your dog, and as the facilities are only 20 meters from our home our guests are monitored at all times.

Their room is fully fitted with a sofa, deep pilled rug, dog beds, food and water bowls and Classic fm piped into the rooms to aid a relaxed atmosphere.

At Furlong Nursery Luxury Dog Boarding Kennels we know how important exercise is to our pets so every dog has access to a large fenced paddock where they can run and play either with like minded dogs or on their own if they prefer (they are supervised at all times).

Medication is given at no extra cost as we see no reason why dog owners should be penalised for having a dog that needs a little extra care.

Above all else at Furlong Nursery Luxury Dog Boarding Kennels they will have as much love and attention that they so rightly deserve.

Viewings are welcome but are by appointment only.

Why us?

We can offer a quiet and welcoming atmosphere with lots of love and care.